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Rubbish and Recycling at Oakwood Court


OCRA would like to thank the residents of Oakwood Court for their consciencious recycling.  


Rubbish and recycling must ONLY be put outside residents' front doors during the collection times listed below.  Residents who are found disregarding these rules continuously may be fined.

  • Monday - Saturday 6.30am-9.30am

  • Sunday 6.30am-10.00am


What to recycle:
  • Glass bottles and jars - no lids

  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays - no lids

  • Tins, cans and empty aerosols

  • Unshredded paper and cardboard - please flatten

  • Food and drink cartons


What not to put in your recycling bags:
  • Food waste

  • Polysterene

  • Textile

  • Wood

  • Batteries (see below)

  • Building / DIY materials

Recycling bags are available at the Porters' Office.


For further information about RBKC recycling contact Anne.O' or telephone 0207 361 3001 or 07976 060 168.

Clothing donations

Clothing donations can be taken to Oxfam at 202b Kensington High Street or FARA Foundation at 84 Uxbridge Road. 

For a list of other charities, visit



Batteries should NOT be put in our rubbish.  Please bring them to any one of the following locations for recycling:  Waitrose, Ryness Electrical, Robert Days, the Kensington Library or any Council office.

Lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes recycling

Unbroken lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes can be recycled at Ryness Electrical, 211 Kensington High Street​


Waste Electronic or Electrical Equipment (WEEE)

Small electrical items such as mobile phones, kettles and toasters and hairdryers should be taken to the WEEE Bank located in the car park of Holland Park (Abbotsbury Road entrance).


Too Big for the Bin

The Council will collect upto ten bulky items from domestic properties only, for a fee.  To book this service online please visit or to find out more call Streetline on 020 7361 3001.


Recycling and refuse amenity sites (public tips)

Both of these sites accept a wide range of items for recycling such as batteries, tapes and video cassettes, TVs and monitors, engine oil, scrap metal, soil, rubble, fluorescent tubes and bicycles.  Please telephone 020 8871 2788 or see for more details.

  • Western Riverside Reuse and Recycling Centre, Smugglers Way, Wandsworth SW18 1JS (Tel 020 8871 2788)

  • Cringle Dock, Cringle Street, Battersea SW8 5BX

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