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Freshwater Personnel Changes


March 2019

2018 was a year of management transitioning in Freshwater's local Area Office.  Daniel Overall resigned as Area Manager and was replaced for a few months by Hannah Howard-Jones and then by Rachael King.  The Property Manager position also underwent several changes leading to the current set up of Annabelle Louvros as a fully dedicated Oakwood Court Senior Property Manager and Keri Monaghan as the Assistant Property Manager.  OCRA is in the process of developing a close working relationship with the new team. OCRA welcomes the arrival of Rachael King, the new Area Manager for Freshwater who arrived in the summer of 2018, and Annabelle Louvros, the new Senior Property Manager of Oakwood Court who arrived in February 2019.  Both managers have an open-door policy as long a they're not in meetings, and both seem more proactive and client-oriented than most of their predecessors at Freshwater.

Annabelle Louvros

Annabelle told the AGM attendees that she wants to make Oakwood Court "the most desirable place to live in Kensington."  She has many years of experience in property management and is excited to be fully dedicated solely to Oakwood Court, giving her the luxury of looking after just one property.  She intends to improve communication with Leaseholders and residents at Oakwood Court, and she will be contacting everyone in coming weeks in order to build an email list to facilitate timely communication about issues that affect each block or flat.  She plans to set up surgeries by block roughly once a fortnight in order to deal with problems within each block. She also plans to use templates to deal with standard matters so that she can focus her time on bespoke issues.

Annabelle wrote the following message to residents in the March 2019 OCRA Newsletter:

Born in W11, I'm a true North Kensingtonian and have great affection for this part of London and have lived here all my life.

I have 22 years property management experience and am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing.  I am most familiar working in period buildings such as OakwoodCourt, finding that their resident communities tend to be more involved with where they've chosen to live.  In parallel with my day jobs, I have also worked as Board member over 15 years with two well-known London housing Associations.  I am trained in managing insurance in accordance with FCA guidance as well as both ARMA and RICS training in ASB, Town Planning, diversity and equality, Health and Safety and governance.  I have served as a School Governor, Chaired a local park regeneration project and Portobello school playground revamp, and have been involved in numerous other local community events and am a great lover of the theatre, cinema, horticulture, sport and art.  I hope that I can bring my longevity and passion to my role as your Property Manager of Oakwood Court and am excited about working with you all.

Rachael King

Rachael's previous experience has been looking after modern buildings, which in her view tend to be over-engineered.  Since she began working for Freshwater in the summer of 2018, she has been driving a culture change within the Head Office toward more open communication.  At one point during the AGM Rachael said, "we need to change completely the way we work."

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