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Airbnb short lettings

March 2019

At the OCRA AGM in March 2019, one resident expressed his concern about the number of short lets in his block.  Freshwater, OCRA and OCRAP all wish to prohibit short term holiday style lettings.  Irrespective of the vagaries of some of the leases - omission of specific prohibition is to in and of itself to be taken as permission to do anything which offends, disrupts or is not in the spirit of the wider community.  Oakwood Court will be vigilant as it is clear that the majority of residents do not like or wish to contend with Airbnb and similar style transient short stays which only serve the interests of a very small minority.  Annabelle Louvros, the Senior Property Manager of Oakwood Court, assured everyone at the AGM that she is very experienced with this problem and she will work together with the Leaseholders and residents to tackle it.  She suggested that we invite RBKC for a meeting with residents in order to help solve this problem.

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