The OCRA Online AGM is scheduled for Thursday, 8 October at 7.00pm.  

Presentations will be made by OCRA Chairman, Kazi Ariff, and Annabelle Louvros of Freshwater, followed by a Q&A session open to all leaseholders of Oakwood Court.  Foisal Meah, Acting Area Manager of Freshwater will also attend.

The link and password details for our Online AGM will be emailed to all OCRA members a week before the meeting, so if you aren't a member of OCRA yet, now is the best time to join!  OCRA membership is free in 2020, although we welcome - and need - your voluntary donations.

If you live in Oakwood Court and you forgot your website password or don't have one yet, please email lisa.ocra@gmail.com.

General reminders:

Donate to OCRA

You can make a donation to OCRA
by debit card, credit card or PayPal.  
Simply click the yellow button below. 


Alternatively, you can donate by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to "OCRA" and sent to Kate Cullinan at 25 Oakwood Court. Please write your full name, flat number and email address on the reverse of your cheque.

Seven-year Capex plan and sinking fund

Freshwater has prepared a seven-year Capex plan for Oakwood Court incorporating major works planned for completion over a seven-year period.

Bike reshuffle ... please

If you don't have the opportunity to ride your bike frequently, please park it on the right end of the rack so it is tucked out of harm's way. That way the high-frequency vehicles can be parked on the left end of he rack near the gate, where they can be accessed more easily.

Bay beam replacement project

We invited a total of eight companies to tender for the project to replace the balcony beams in four flats, but apart from GTCI and MC Designs they all said they were not interested in the project because of its complexity.

Lift modernisation

Plans for the phased replacement of ageing lift controllers in 10 out of 14 lifts at Oakwood Court and upgrade of the safety gear and the door operator have been put on hold due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Bridges and stairs project

The work that was scheduled for Blocks 10 and 11 this year is being deferred until spring 2021 due to the pandemic, because the project needs to be done during good weather.

Volunteer service for shielding residents

Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers who have been helping our shielding residents with shopping ad essential errands throughout their time in self-isolation. We have suspended the volunteer service until further notice, based on current government guidelines.

Sanctuary in our wonderful garden

Our communal garden is a wonderful sanctuary but unfortunately it was subject to several rather extreme episodes of vandalism over the summer.  We take this opportunity to remind everyone that the garden is a fragile, living environment, which can easily survive high use - but not abuse.  

New carpet for Blocks 3 and 4

The installation of new carpets in Blocks 3 and 4 was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it is finally being done.  Freshwater will issue the authorisation for the new carpet in Block 5 later this year.


OCRA continues to press Freshwater for compensation related to several avoidable additional costs incurred during the commissioning of replacement boilers for Boiler House 5 and 6.

Fire safety measures

There is a new requirement subsequent to the fire in Grenfell Tower that all buildings over 18 meters tall must have an External Wall Fire Review done by a suitably qualified and competent professional who needs to complete and sign off an ESW1 form.  

Boiler flues

The condition of some of our boiler flues is suspect, so we are considering a survey of the boiler flues to see if they need to be replaced.

Rubbish collection times

​Rubbish and recycling must ONLY be put outside residents' front doors during the collection times listed below.  Residents who are found disregarding these rules continuously may be fined.

  • Monday - Saturday  (6.30am - 9.30am)
  • Sunday  (6.30am - 10.30am)


Please DOUBLE BAG your rubbish if you are self-isolating to help contain the disease.  The virus can live on plastic for up to three days.

Please FLATTEN AND BREAK DOWN your boxes.  By doing this we can help the porters clear the rubbish more quickly.

Items left in common parts

Residents are reminded that NO ITEMS SHOULD be left outside their front doors, including shoes, pushchairs, bikes, scooters and umbrellas.  Residents found ignoring this may be fined and the items may be removed without notice.

We are allowing a temporary exception to this for volunteers leaving food and essentials OUTSIDE the front doors of residents in self-isolation, but please ring or text them so they can bring the items inside as soon as possible.  


Porters will also leave parcels OUTSIDE the front door to your flat in order to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Don't buzz anyone in unless you know who they are

As more residents will be arranging deliveries over the coming months, there is more opportunity for scammers to pretend to be making deliveries.  If your bell rings and the caller says they're delivering something for someone who isn't home, direct them to the porters. DO NOT open the door to strangers.

Considerate neighbours

Let's all do our best to be considerate of our neighbour throughout this challenging period of self-isolation and self-distancing. Many residents are working from home and schools are all closed, so more people are at home than under ordinary circumstances. Stress levels are particularly high, so please do everything you can to help us maintain a quiet and peaceful community.

Respect the garden

Always be sure to dispose of your rubbish when using the garden and respect the garden by-laws and regulations.

Damage to common parts


If your contrator soils or damages the common parts you are likely to be charged for cleaning and repair.

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